Academic Reviews

“Highly recommended. A moving and hopeful documentary..skillfully addresses the complexities of social transformation that challenge traditions and beliefs about women’s socialization.”
Marianne Sarkis, Ph.D.
Assistant Prof. of Int’l Development and Social Change, Clark University

“Give(s) us the exuberance and drive of a young woman artist whose brand of stardom eschews designer gowns and red carpets. She is Sister Fa. Her medium is rap and hip-hop and her message is emancipation.”
Dr. Betty Levitov
African Studies, Doane College

“Beautifully made documentary follows the courageous Sister Fa, a Senegalese rapper who uses her powerful music and lyrics to create awareness about the continuing and illegal practice of female genital cutting in her country.  Portraying the fantastic resilience, passion and creativity of a woman who boldly challenges gender and cultural norms in her music and activism, Sarabah provides an excellent teaching tool for Women and Gender Studies, African Diasporic Studies, Sociology, and Hip Hop Studies classrooms. The inspirational story of Sister Fa shows the complex struggles and allegiances of an African woman who migrates to Europe but returns home to face her past and to spark a new future for those most vulnerable to FGC—girls. “
Mireille Miller-Young, Assistant Professor
Department of Feminist Studies, University of California Santa Barbara